A Lucky Day For Willowbrook Residents: In-N-Out Burger Now in Business!

By The Texas Trotter

The wait is OVER. The famed burger joint In-N-Out Burger has officially joined the Willowbrook community for fast-food lovers of all ages to enjoy. 

The Willowbrook community is a spacey, active retail area of town and is the perfect place for food and shopping. This area is all about convenience, from the Willowbrook Mall to the local AMC. The area also features an abundance of different affordable travel and living options to choose from, whether it’s hotels directly near the mall like the Residence Marriott Inn and the Haven Inn & Suites to Karya-owned apartments just down the road like Casa Del Mar or Buena Vista. 

And no matter where you go, food is always sure to follow as you’ll have your pick of dozens of different dining options within the surrounding area. If you’re someone who enjoys the social aspect of residential living, you’ll never feel alone here as there’s always something going on or someplace to shop or eat. Willowbrook simply can’t be beaten when it comes to fast, fun living.

In the world of fast food, In-N-Out has been a staple for burger-enthusiasts for decades now. With very few locations in the Houston area, this new Willowbrook location marks a turning point for the chain’s popularity and accessibility in the region. For residents living nearby, they are highly fortunate to have a much speedier commute to the eatery without the hassle of incoming traffic. This is especially convenient as the new location has reported earth-shattering numbers with lines running around the mall parking lot. Willowbrook apartment residents are therefore privileged to be first in line when it comes to getting to grab a bite before everyone else, much to the envy of outside Houstonians.

If your mouth is watering as hard as mine is, you can check out the menu here. Good eating, everyone!

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Oct 28